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You Are Glorious


Do you believe that you have something special to offer other people in life? You should believe it, but because our lives ebb and flow through cycles of progress and pain we tend to forget it. It’s easy to doubt potential in life when our reality is less than perfect.  Right?

Understanding that you have great potential is important for your leadership life.

As a person of faith who leads others I have witnessed the inspired spirit of man in action. This in-turn has proven to me that you are created with a certain glory.

It’s not that you are glorious looking – it’s deeper than that.

The glory is a gift given from above and bestowed upon each and every person sharing planet earth.

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell. – C. S. Lewis

Inside each of us is a brightly lit glory. We bear the image of something great and despite, at times, our best efforts, that inner light keeps shining. Frankly it wasn’t ours to create and not ours to lose.

No matter your life’s circumstances today you can learn to enlarge your life’s story by understanding that you do have everything it takes for life’s success. Unfortunately, figuring that out requires that we walk through the fiery trials in life.

“We must all be broken to be blessed” – John C. Maxwell

In order to take advantage of challenges, keeping our spiritual heritage in mind, let’s looks at a few subtle mindset shifts that keep positive momentum flowing in our lives.

Try Turning Lethargy Into Nobility:

It seems that when life gets hard even strong-minded people get stuck. Getting stuck is a natural response to challenges. It’s not a great response, but it, unfortunately, is normal. Being stuck means that we withdrawal from life and hide. This doesn’t mean we lock ourselves in a closet all the time mostly it shows up as a form of emotional withdrawal. Either way the ramifications in our life from withdrawal are never good.

The trick to overcoming being stuck is to have faith. Our founding fathers understood this when they said, “we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights.” This way of inspired thinking used to be common. Now for a myriad of reasons we tend to forget all about it.

It’s the nobility seeded into us from above. Nobility offers second chances, and the right to keep trying. Nobility can’t be lost only made more noble by sound character and right actions towards others. True nobility serves others and is humble to the core. Nobility is the birthright of humanity. Faith in God is the catalyst to understanding the fruit of nobility.

Try Ending Frustration Through Forgiveness:

Learning to forgive is the ticket to freedom. When we allow ourselves to get frustrated we let in a deep seed of resentment. This festers like an open wound until it is properly medicated and healed. The medication is forgiveness. Learning to forgive opens your heart to the deeper understanding that we are noble not perfect.

Is there anyone in your life causing great frustration? Try offering forgiveness in your heart and see what happens. Releasing this gives you the vision to see life more clearly.

Try Growing Oneself by Learning to Value Others:

Life is not just about you. I know you get that. Learning to grow oneself for the right reason is a powerful way to offer a positive influence to those around you.

What is the right reason? Well, as you grow you are able to lead others better in the business of life. We grow to add value to the world around us. If it is possible for you to grow and gain wisdom – it’s possible for the entire community to grow together.

However, it always starts with the individual willing to invest the time and energy into personal development.

There is a mystery behind our origins. There is something more transcendent than a big blast of something from nothing causing us to be birthed by accident in a pile of gooey matter.

Knowing this allows us to face challenges. Understanding the clock-work design of God that exist all around helps us to wonder, and dream big dreams. This understanding offers us the freedom to live the glorious life God had in mind in the beginning.

In what ways does understanding that you are glorious change your perspective on life? (Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.)

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  1. David

    Great thoughts Mark! Understanding that I’m “glorious” gives me a sense of divine purpose…a higher purpose, rising above all earthly priorities. This is important because I tend to fail in my pursuit of earthly ambitions or they fail me, fleeting…leaving me lower than expected. Being “glorious” is fixed, never changing, whether I rise or fall my position in Christ remains unchanged…this is divine…this brings a constant to my purpose on this earth, which has the potential to bring contentedness to any circumstance regardless of earthly expectations!

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia03-11-2014

      Thanks David and I am glad this post spoke to you in this way. Your reaction is profound and I think a testimony to your destiny.

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