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When Work and Family Collide


I was on the phone the other day with a representative from the Building Champions Organization. As we spoke I asked a simple question, how do you get business professionals to respond to the need for a Life Plan? As I have introduced this concept to the people I serve as leader the response has been the same. The task of life planning has seemed intimidating.

Oh the joy, of reading a book that answers this question with as much clarity and conviction as Andy Stanley can deliver. According to Andy’s thesis – the problem is that there is not enough time in our days for everything. We must choose what we cheat on.

This book is radical.   It forces us to look at time in our life as a limited resource. Most of us never even consider that until the end of our life is at hand. Then most of the time it’s too late to fully redeem.

At it’s best this book is challenging and convincing. Andy is a natural communicator who has the ability to weave humor and common sense together in a powerful strand of truth. He is a preacher who is not preachy yet clearly articulates his convictions and desires to honor the family. I love that Andy stands out as a leader who puts family first. If he is going to cheat he counts the cost. That I believe is the essence of his message.

However, as much as I was overjoyed by his approach I found that the book seemed a bit unfinished. It was a very two-dimensional approach in a three-dimensional world. Believe it or not the only forces vying for our time is not just work and family. As a man of God I would have expected him to take on the challenging question of duty to the local church. It’s one thing when the local church is your vocation it’s another when you must wrestle with the hard task of choosing to cheat when your heart desires to serve God and others as well as your family.

Any advice there Andy? Is it OK to cheat on church and work to honor family? Or should we cheat on family and work to honor church? What about cheating on work to honor family and church? I think that it’s a discussion that as a body of believers is long overdue.

When Work and Family Collide was a brilliant start to the real conversation I think we should have. Andy is a great writer to engage with. I only wish he would have finished this book and lead the way in what will be a life-giving conversation to be sure.

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  1. janiese

    Hey Mark Mathia,
    God wants us to have a balanced. Of course, He should be first.
    Sometimes, its hard to things into perspective. Wow sounds like an interesting book. Perhaps, you need to write whatever he didn’t say. Ha!

  2. Roger Boetger
    Roger Boetger04-04-2012

    Jesus take the wheel would be my choice for book #2. He’s our navigator and we the simple driver. With him I am unstoppable! (I’m boasting here-proud of God not me). He points us in the right direction of whatever needs our attention! He doesn’t send us in different directions to put out fires, just gentle nudges.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia04-04-2012

      I thought you would say that Roger! Well said as always my good buddy.

  3. Annette Hale
    Annette Hale04-03-2012

    God, Family Work…..If we work with God all other falls into place, does it not? God will teach us how to be a better family unit and then work will fall into place if we honor God and Family….will it not?

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia04-03-2012

      Well said Annette-I believe you are on to something. God, Family, Work – It most definitely should and many times it does. There is something powerful in simplicity. However, I am not overly simplistic in my approach. This has caused me some grief. It’s something I am learning, over time, to trust God for. What a great reminder you offer.

  4. Eddy

    How about a book called “When You and I Collide”..oh….wait that’s a song!
    I need more time…….

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia04-03-2012

      Take all the time you need. I thought you would say, “Jesus Take the Wheel?”

  5. Wanda

    I think that Mark Mathia might be the one to write that book. You could title it, “When Everything Collides: How to Avoid the Black Hole of Time Mismanagement,” or something like that!

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia04-03-2012

      Ha! Wanda I love it. The only problem would be I might need to know the anwser first. 🙂 Let’s consider this one a work is process. Thanks for checking in.

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