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The Time is Now


Besides voting the last time I got truly involved with politics was in 1976 on the playground of Parr Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. I was 9-years wise and the race for President had heated up. If you remember, the race was between, then President Gerald Ford and the Democratic hopeful Jimmy Carter.

Without a care in the world for the issues at hand, the playground was ruled by the idea we should link arms and shout for whom our parents were voting for.

Shouts of, “Carter” or “Ford” could be heard all the way through the neighborhood. I remember the next logical step in playground politics was a dodgeball game to decide the winner.

All I can say is that is the Ford team should have aimed better.

Besides the playground, I was taught to avoid talking about two things…politics and religion. As I have matured I find in some significant ways my politics and faith-life represent what I value most.

I’m tired of being quiet and want to be a part of the process.

Since my playground experience, I have learned that staying silent in the political process is a ridicules idea. There are ideas about our country that are completely illogical (to me anyway). Stay quiet long enough and you will see these crazy ideas come to life before your eyes.

So, Like Warren Barfield croons, The Time is Now.carter:ford

I have become a volunteer for the local Senate race.

Introduced to the candidate by a trusted friend I find that I share many of the same values as he does. I guess that’s a good thing when working on a person’s campaign. Right?

But what is important about this season of my life has nothing to do with my friend or Ben Sasse whom I am supporting in the primary race for the Senate. What is important is that I discovered that the universal truth of service works the same in every area of our lives…even politics.

Every time I serve my community  – I receive more than I give.

For me, this has been true while serving in prison ministry, my next door neighbor, the local church, or now, as catalysts for change in the political process. You can’t out-give the rule of giving.

Ending my last call for the day, I felt encouraged.

Never have I wanted to call complete strangers and engage in a political conversation. Now having thrust myself into this uncomfortable position I am grateful. I have learned to have faith again in my fellow countrymen and our political system.

My discovery is simple, people actually want to be involved, they care…and whether they vote for the guy I am pulling for or not it doesn’t matter. I have spent the last few weeks getting to know a group of people who love their country and are not afraid to share ideas about what makes our country great. I wasn’t sure what that looked like anymore. Now I know that when it comes to the important things in life never be afraid to give.

Have you found that every time you serve others – you receive more than you give? (Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.) 

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  1. Eddy

    Mark, keep up the Good Fight, you are an inspiration toward truth!

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