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The One Thing That’s Holding Back Your Success (and how to change it)


Intuitively you probably know what’s been holding you back. Don’t you? You try and try again…but there is not enough time left in the day. You get up, and get to work – but no matter how hard you work there are more to-dos at the end of the day, than the beginning.

So you go through the motions like the rest of us, but over time something inside of you dies. You stop trying, caring and dreaming. Stopping becomes a nasty habit. I know because I’ve been there – and so have many others.

Habits Matter

Good and bad habits in our life drive outcomes. We automatically behave a certain way, and it influences how we solve problems, handle our time…and think. Chances are your bad habits encourage you to make poor decisions without you even being aware of it.

Following your unconscious bad habits through life is a serious problem if you’re trying to accomplish big things. Nasty habits slow down progress and keep you from creating healthy ones.

But what it I told you that the bad habits holding you back from your dreams are 100% avoidable? Would you decide to change or continue down the same path?

It’s a question I’ve had to wrestle with, and so do you.

You see, I’m a success chaser, hope-filled enthusiast of life – just like you…except when I’m not. I tend to forget that success requires healthy habits, and when I fail…yes, when…I tend to focus on that way more than a big-time success. Can you relate?

The truth is that failures happen…and our innate response to failure changes our thinking, habits, and results. Some people get stronger – but most give up. I land somewhere between.

It’s no easy task to replace bad habits with good ones. If it were easy, there would be no need for executive coaches, teachers, counselors, or even pastors.

We all want to kick bad habits to the curb and get on with success.   The good news is that you can. But where do you start?

Knowing where to start isn’t easy because nasty habits are infused into our thinking. If you try to change too much too fast, you end up being too busy. Busyness can keep us in a state of multitasking hell that diverts your gaze and only offers you the chance at being average…I’m guessing you have never desired to be the best average person around.

First things first – get out to the rat race…it’s for rats

Busyness destroys your ability to take your craft to the next level. It may feel right to make an abundance of actions but in the end, you will not get very far. As someone who wants to do good in the world, you should avoid random busyness and carve out for time to think…

  • Lesson number one is get away and think. Try learning to identify the bad habits that are holding you back. Only then can you redirect your thought life to a more positive outcome. Dreams are made of this kind of thinking.
  • Lesson number two is learning to do less well. Embrace the power of focus and stop trying to do too much at one time. Learning to do less stuff better allows you the freedom to go deep and innovate. Innovation drives success in business and life. Try asking yourself this question, “what is the one habit I can change today, that if I do…I will experience the greatest reward?” Then do that.
  • Lesson number three is to be intentional about your time. You simply can’t be great at everything – you must choose what you do wisely. Learning to say no to things that seem important, but not the most important is a skill.
  • Lesson number four is learning to be in the moment. Stop for a second and experience what is going on around you. So many lessons, love, and cool things are right in front of you. Embrace the moment…Carpe Diem, my friend.
  • Lesson number five is don’t forget to track your progress. Write it down, think it over and make sure that you are on track. Keeping a journal is key to reoccurring success and robust habit formation. It leaves little room for nasty bad habits because it forces you to think things through.

Life is not easy

I wish life were comfortable. It’s not. Success takes effort and as leaders, we can’t afford to follow around our nasty bad habits. It’s not like we try to do this – it just happens. Learning to free yourself from the clutter of negative habits will help re-wire things in your head and aid you to become the person you have always wanted to be.

Now go out there and do less, better…

I can use your thoughts…

What can you add to this list that would help? Please share in the comment sections, so we can all reach our goals together.





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