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The Grace Effect by Larry Alex Taunton


“Simply defined the grace effect’ is an observable phenomenon – that life is demonstrably better where authentic Christianity flourishes.” – Larry Taunton

Defender of the Christian faith, Mr. Taunton challenges us with a rare glimpse of this common grace in action. Most observable is that faith floods each and every page yet the intellect not lost on spiritual matters. Obviously, Mr. Taunton is an intellectual standing toe to toe, with the worlds most outspoken atheist. He is in every sense a staunch defender of the faith. However, this book offers more than arguments into the value of religion. Its speaks candidly about the Christian experience and the power released by authentic followers of Jesus.

The Grace Effect is a telling story of a man’s love of Jesus and a journey of the heart through an international adoption process. The sheer brilliance of this work is God intertwined into every story. This offers readers a natural comparison of a society void of the grace effect as compared to ones with it. The end results of his walk provides a compelling story that stimulates the mind while connecting our hearts in faith. Arguing the cause of Christ and taking the traditional “pot-shots” by the atheistic faithful; one can’t help but be moved as the story of his delightful family and newly adopted daughter Sasha unfolds successfully, as unlikely as it seems.

Nothing short of a miracle, the Taunton family experience only goes to prove that there are no arguments when it comes to love. Bound by faith and covered in love the true story of adoption mirrors that of our story – into the family of God. Reading this book guarantees to expand your faith, strengthen your ability to reason and challenge your heart when it comes to your response to the “least of these” on planet earth.

The author’s voice is clear, articulate and funny. There is no wonder why his most ardent atheist enemies are more like best friends. His profound faith and non-religious love of God burst clearly from the pages. One can see why there is an appeal to drink Johnny Walker and read the book of John in his presence. I highly recommend this book to any one, atheist or Christian alike who wants to experience grace through the eyes of a child.

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