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Surviving Like a Champ!


How well did you respond the last time life bit you in the backside? Did you respond with a party? I know that my first inclination when confronted with challenges is the opposite of celebrating. I often clam up and withdrawal until I catch my breath and make a more respectable stand.

Reflecting upon the times when my response to problems was less than glorious reminds me that I am in a constant state of growth. Understanding this forces me to spend time learning how to own a positive all-the-time attitude.

“Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. – Dale Carnegie”

Perhaps no other leader has demonstrated how to own this attitude better than the Apostle Paul. According to history, after Paul’s conversion to Christianity he began leading a life on mission. His mission led him down narrow roads filled with fury. As a matter of fact, during his leadership journey he was stoned, shipwrecked, beaten, imprisoned and impoverished. Instinctively Paul’s responses during these challenges prove that keeping a positive attitude was instrumental in his ability to carry-on strongly in life.

At midnight, Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. – (Acts 16:26)

While I have yet to perfect Paul’s example, I can tell you that his legacy offers me the secret to understanding how to survive hard times by owning the attitudes of an Everyday Champion.

Surviving Like a Champ!

  • Attitude doesn’t have much to do with your circumstances. Paul proved that owning a positive attitude has little to do with success or failure. This is important to every leader as we walk our own narrow roads filled with fury.
  • Circumstances change and so can your Attitude. It amazes me how many circumstances can impact a person’s attitude. There had been hundreds of times when my circumstances have abruptly changed and I found my attitude turning around. The key is to understand that, like circumstances, you are not stuck in your current reality. You have control over your attitude and often times that will change your circumstances.
  • Attitude can be perfected by understanding that life is not just about you. No matter what you are trying to accomplish you’re not alone. Your perspective about you is very important as it will open or close the doors to others. Giving yourself permission to serve other people will enable you to see good even in the bad times.
  • Attitudes have a source to their strength or weakness. What’s your source? As a Christian, I have found my most authentic walk in knowing that the source of my strength comes from God alone. While life did not get any easier – it did began to make more sense to me. My friend David says, “these crisis’s that have been coming into our lives are opening opportunities to reveal our true character. Our hearts are being exposed…examined…will God delight in what He finds?” I believe that God cares about the journey and mostly the heart’s of humanity. To this end – I can accept hard times knowing that God is growing me through them.

Let us sing even when we do not feel like it, for we may give wings to leaden feet and turn weariness into strength.”- J.H. Jowett

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to maintain a positive attitude?  Please share in the comment section below.

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