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SHHHH…there was a shake-up at the office this week


I shook up my daily routine…To think.

Routine is a calamity, a bunch of nasty habits done in sequence.

I don’t know why I tend to slip into routines so easily perhaps it’s because I always want to be accessible. Being accessible is important when you’re leading great people.  But, as a marketer, executive, coach, and writer I need to breathe.

I need to take creativity for a walk.

If I don’t – my results are limited, my copy is predictable, and the stories I share are lifeless.

Do you know what I mean?

And so, this week I broke from my pattern and changed my view. I moved from my corner office – to the coffee shop.  (If only for part of the day) I tried hard to balance out being a good accessible leader with being a great creative one.

The results were amazing…more productivity, better reflection, stronger writing and surprisingly more engagement while at the office.

Breathing is a leadership necessity.

The problem is that I often feel guilty when I’m working remotely, and I sometimes feel guilty when I’m working in my office.

Trying to find the proper balance is important.

Finding my “zone” isn’t easy.

But, just because things are hard – doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Right?

Experience has taught me that there is a difference between being a good leader and being a great creative one. It takes a little space when your mind is active and fresh.  It requires a few solitary moments to expand potential and think outside of the box.

It’s like seeing Seth Godin’s Purple Cow for the first time.

Important things are rarely easy. But there is wisdom that comes with experience…and clarity that pops up with a little space between.

When is the last time you took creativity for a walk?  


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