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Scoring in Rome


Photo courtesy of Chatty Kelly. www.chattykelly.com

It is not every day that a person gets the opportunity to take flight from Omaha to Rome and end up scoring big time. Let me clarify, I’m not knocking the virtue of Italian women rather I attended the SCORRE conference in Rome, Georgia.

The design of the SCORRE conference helps people become the communicator they always wanted. Anyone desiring to improve their ability to communicate can by personally experiencing the nuggets of gold I stumbled over at this dynamic conference.

My Gold Nugget Recap

The Method

The SCORRE name is an acronym which stands for, Subject, Central Theme, Objective, Rationale, Resources and Evaluation. Behind those categories lies the other primary functions that offer users a systematic approach allowing for greater focus and power on a single objective.

While this system took a bit to digest. (There was a firehose of information shared at the beginning.) The coaches made an extra effort to work with everyone through the process. The results were astounding as my prep time was cut in half while the quality of my communications drastically improved.

The Speeches

In addition to the excellent learning opportunity from some of the nations best communicators, we had the opportunity to give three short talks.

For me, this was radical. the speeches offer us all the chance to explore our craft and practice this new method. No matter your level of ability this format will sharpen your speaking skills helping you to have a point and supporting it with clear, logical rationale.

(Side note – If you are a speaker, please have a point.)

The Friendships

What I failed to take into account was the fantastic friends I would make. Each group was assigned a coach to champion and challenge you. However, you are also placed in a mentoring group that takes an active interest in your success. From the first to the last speech, it is a stretching experience.

The amazing part of the journey is how quickly you get to know each other. It is friendship forged under the pressure of performance. By the second day, we were allies interested in the group’s success whether in our callings, careers or lives.

The SCORRE conference easily ranked in my top two continuing education events. Everyone from housewives on a mission to scientist defending the Authority of the Bible struck gold. Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt have collaborated for this event and together, with a superior team, created a “WOW” moment for me.

If I can SCORRE in Rome think how easy it will be in beautiful Vail, Colorado. It is worth checking out the details.

“There’s gold in them there mountains.





*photo courtesy of Kelly Combs

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  1. Kelly Combs
    Kelly Combs05-07-2012

    The friendships were what caught me off guard the most. I expected to be challenged and learn alot. I did not expect to make the connections that I did. I did not expect to be prayed for by people who just met me. I was WOW’ed!

    Thanks for the photo credit. My only regret is that I didn’t have someone take one with me in the group.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia05-08-2012

      I couldn’t agree with your more. What a great experience and sorry you had to take the photo. I figured you were planning on turning us into the smoking police if our feedback got out of line.

      We really should have made it a point to get a picture of the whole group. thanks for your input Kelly.

  2. Pastorjeffcma

    This sounds wonderful. So glad you had such a great time. Nothing like a great event that provides so much to be taken away.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia05-07-2012

      Thanks Pastor Jeff I could go on and on. Truly a great experience.

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