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Many of you who know me understand that I have been a big fan of Ransomed Heart. It has been my delight to participate in two events, the Wild at Heart Boot Camp in 2004 and this past December, the Wild at Heart Advanced. It’s been amazing connecting with many like-minded believers from all over the world.

Such life has flowed from these times and from the many resources available through the Ransomed Heart Website. Every resource has proven to be a tremendous investment. I have met lifelong friends and formed allies through the network. The kind of allies in life, that seem to transcend denominational differences. Thus far, in my Christian walk it’s the closest to what CS Lewis was alluding to in his book Mere Christianity. Just Jesus…it’s all about Jesus.

Interestingly enough, I could write a post about many of the tremendous resources available through this ministry; instead, I decided to tell you about a free one.

I love free things.

It’s a free app for iPad, iPod and iPhone called R.H. Insider. What I love about this app is that it offers a little bit of what Ransomed Heart is about.

Here, is what this free app offers.

• Daily Readings

Excerpts taken from John’s many books including but not limited to, Epic, Wild at Heart, Waking the Dead, Fathered by God, and my favorite – Walking With God. If, for no other reason, this resource alone is worth the download.

• Prayers

The Daily Prayer has changed the way I pray and seek God. Simply read the Daily Prayer for yourself and you will see what I mean. Much of what this ministry believes can be summed up in the way they pray.

• Blogs

A nice way to keep in touch without adding another RSS feed to your inbox. John, of course, is an excellent communicator but check out Craig’s blog. He is a Spectacular writer.

• What’s New

Great to keep up on what’s coming around the corner. Especially John’s new book titled Beautiful Outlaw. He offered us a glimpse inside the book at the Advanced.

This is going to be wonderful.

Also included in the What’s New section is a two episode series filmed live at a Wild at Heart Advanced.  I highly recommend checking it out.

• About

Just the facts. Nothing but the facts.

While this ministry reaches far, it does so because it’s not trying to sell you a system or a formula. Simply put, Ransomed Heart is about building a relationship with Jesus and helping others do the same.

Hope this information inspires you as you lead yourself and others towards Jesus.  As the small team at Ransomed Heart say… Love God Live Free”

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