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How to ask for a raise…(or poke a grizzly bear in the nose) 


Life  is always complicated.  Let’s face it, many of us feel that our earnings are not in proportion to our efforts.  Have you ever been in that position? Perhaps even now you are wondering how to go about asking for a pay increase.  If this is you, by all means read on.  When it comes to your career, you need [...]

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Six Failures Leaders Make For No Good Reason


Leadership is a responsibility filled with moments of clarity and times of confusion. In the business of life, problems arise, and it is the leader who deals with the issues at hand and the ramifications of every decision. More often than not, every leader (myself included) can limit the problems by at least avoiding these six failures leaders make for [...]

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The Lost Art of Mastering


  Reflecting upon the successful people I admire most brings to mind those unique people who have achieved a high level of mastery. For some reason I am intrigued, and dare I say envious when I witness the kind of break-through that dents the universe for good. While I have learned to respect masters in action – I struggle with [...]

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