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Moving Past “Blah” Towards Purpose


 Let me begin by admitting, from one leader to another, that finding your God-given purpose in life can be frustrating. For me, it seems like clarity comes in the form of puzzle pieces. Hundreds of them scattered on the kitchen table. However, unlike most puzzles there is no picture to look at before assembling.

Oh how I dream of owning Godly clairvoyant vision. Like the Prophets of old – seeing the future, and knowing without a doubt If I am hot, warm or cold.  This would make living my purpose easy.

Clarity like that isn’t impossible – it’s just not normal.

Let’s face it Life can be a mystery. Can’t it?

As a coach, I have helped many find clarity and purpose in their lives. As a coach, I also need to practice what I preach.

I’ve learned that there are seasons where, try as we might, all we hear is – “blah, blah, blah”. It’s in this light that I wanted to share with you a fool-proof system that will allow us to get past the “blah” and find our purpose.


Normally I don’t lead with a guarantee, but if you have read this far your probably somewhat frustrated, interested, lost, or curious. In any case, you have the perfect mindset to seek out your purpose and begin living it right away.

Here is how I recently renewed my vision for the future and added intentionality to my life. The goal in purpose is NOT to change you. Rather, the goal in finding your purpose in life is simply to be the best version of you. (Doesn’t that take the pressure off?)

Moving Past “Blah” Towards Purpose

  • Step One: Get thinking.
  • Step Two: On the top of a sheet of paper write: “My purpose in life is”
  • Step Three: Stare at it for a while and consider it deeply.
  • Step Four: Now write whatever comes to mind. Give your purpose a go.
  • Step Five: Don’t critique, judge or measure. Just write.
  • Step Six: Keep writing – whatever comes to mind until you find the “ONE”.
  • Step Seven: Allow your heart to resonate with what you write.
  • Step Eight: Write more – Every entry represents another part of your purpose.
  • Step Nine: Keep writing until you hit the “ONE” that moves you deeply.
  • Step Ten: When found – congratulate yourself you just found your “ONE.”

I guarantee it will work. I also guarantee that the process is hard. Don’t stop until you find the “ONE”. If it takes hours, days, weeks, or months keep on thinking and writing.

“Skeptic”, best described my attitude as I just went through this same process. I must have written over a hundred really good purposes. Each one of them represented a little part of me that was dying to get out. Finally, I wrote the one. My heart was moved. It mattered deeply to me in everything I do. My one, for this season really made my heart come alive.

“Glorify God in everything I do, while encouraging others to live free and fully alive through the art of coaching.”

No need to borrow mine…you can find your own. Rest assured it’s waiting to be reacquainted with you.

Perhaps you know your “ONE” please consider sharing it.  If you don’t and bravely attempt this process, in the comment section below, let me know how it went.    


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