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More Cowbell…More Faith


My favorite tee-shirt has a picture of Will Ferrell on it and the words saying, “I need more cowbell.” This phrase was made famous by the players on Saturday Night Live. It happens to be my favorite skit. Every time I watch this parody I laugh.

I am not sure why.

Probably Will’s shirt.

However, while the SNL Team cried out for more cowbell, there are times I call out for more faith.


  • Faith conquers fear.
  • Faith assures.
  • Faith blooms passion.
  • Faith offers understanding.
  • Faith drives momentum towards the future.
  • Faith heals doubt.
  • Faith overcomes.

When life’s rain pours down, and our walls crumble – faith in Jesus is what fuels hope. Every leader thrives in life through hope.

I need more.

I will view every circumstance through faith’s power.

When the difficult decisions are made, and the storms quiet themselves …Then…I will settle for, “more Cowbell.”

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