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Losing It!


Many people fight the battle of the bulge and spend their life trying to lose weight and get in shape.

I am no different.

Four weeks ago I published, Dealing With Hard Truths – a post addressing this exact struggle in my life. You see I am an avid life planner but have conveniently let my health section slide. That was when someone close to me called me out.

Since that post, I have dedicated myself to overcoming this enemy in my life. By readdressing a few things, I am starting to make progress towards getting physically fit. So much so, I already see a turn around in my life.

I must have forgotten how much my physical health effects my overall health. In just a few short weeks, I have dropped 15 pounds and increased my running range from two miles to five. I feel my stress levels decreasing and my joy escalating.

Of course, a vacation in Winter Park, Colorado also adds to the joy factor.

I had inadvertently condemned myself to a mental wheelchair by not continuing the process of pushing and testing my ticker – literally and figuratively.

As Garth Brooks crooned, “I am much too young to feel this damn old.”

As a leader, I know there are no short cuts to this type of lifestyle change. However, losing noticeable weight in such a short period could be considered speedy. In truth, it means that either I am overweight or my approach to health issues is insufficient. I could make a case for both. In case your desiring a similar health revolution – allow me to share the top three tools I am using to fight the flab and condition my heart.

1. Lose It! A free App introduced to me by Michael Hyatt. All I had to do was download it. I input my exercise and food consumption. It does the rest. (I love the bar code scanner which automatically imports calories and nutritional information.) I use it religiously and have the program set to a plan that will allow me to lose about two pounds a week.

2. Running! No magic here. I just started running. Really running – like Forrest Gump.

Run! – Forest – Run!

I like to eat so if I want to enjoy life I need to start increasing my caloric burn. I have a friend who runs marathons for fun. She targets five runs a week then takes the weekends off.

I had been running two days a week and taking the rest of the week off. I thought it would be wise to try things her way.

It’s working!

3. Sharing! Trust me on this, I’m not bragging, I have a long way to go. However, making this a shared journey has added the necessary dose of inspiration into my workouts. Just this morning I noticed a real “Hotty” running in the park. Upon further inspection, I was thrilled to see that it was my wife. (No Repenting Necessary.) She doesn’t need to work out, but she sees things changing in me and is getting excited about the journey.

Looks like we are in it together. (Isn’t that precious?)

I don’t like diets and am not desiring to spend a ton of money on a fad. I want to exercise vigorously, eat sensibly and live fully.


What does “live fully” mean to you?

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  1. Gary Korisko
    Gary Korisko07-23-2012

    Good for you, Mark.

    Sorry to say I have not been as proactive as you on this…and I need to be. You’re definitely pushing my buttons with your success. Good job.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia07-24-2012

      Thanks Gary and best of luck on your journey. (Reminds me of our preseason workouts at Dana.)

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