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Letters of Love


Leadership is really an all-the-time kind of thing. It’s not like we can punch a time clock and stop being a leader. Now, more than ever, it is clear that to be a great leader in the workplace we must be a great leader at home. I am learning many lessons as I figure out how to be a decent husband and father. The truth is, of all my duties and responsibilities loving my wife and our children is my favorite.

Despite the fact that I have a busy schedule, I have made it a priority to connect while at home. (Besides tonight as I ignore my wife and kids to create this post.) I am almost always willing to have some fun and do husband and father things.

With permission from my daughter – I thought I would offer you an intimate look at the recent letters shared between my youngest daughter and myself. My hope is that our exchange will inspire you to connect, in a special way, with the ones you love.


Dear Dad,

I love you more than Jesus can imagine. You see I never want to leave you, or this great family, you and mom, have raised. I love all of my family the same and I never want you to go somewhere far away.

Love is a sharing gift because it’s spreading in the world today. In adoption, miracles, lifesaving, and God’s gift. I write this to you so you can share love too.



P.S. Because of love no one would be here. You are the best writer and dad in this world!

And my letter in response…

Dear Evalyn,

Wow, what a remarkable note to find lying on my pillow. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. I too love you very much.

Evalyn, you will always have a home with us. (Of course, you know, through faith that you will always have an eternal home with God.) That kind of love makes our love special.

I was thinking about what you said and want you to know that you will always be a huge part of our family’s heart. However, sometimes, God calls us to some extremely fun things.

For example, God might call you to be a professional woman when you get older. You might run companies like me or become the first female President of the United States. Maybe a mathematician or scientist – they could use a smart cookie like you. Maybe a waitress or mechanic or…well you get my point.

No matter what – Your family will be there for you.

For example, God might call you to be a stay at home Mom! (Maybe even a homeschool Mom.) we, of course, would be tremendously proud of you. We will do our best to help you out and not get in the way. To love you and your family and be a bright light and refuge in the stormy moments.

No matter what – Your family will be there for you.

For example, God might call you to serve him in a foreign country. You have said that you would like to serve the people of China someday. That is so cool, and we would be there for you. Your cause in life, would be ours as well, and we would do our best to pitch in. It would be fun visiting you in a foreign country.

No matter what – Your family will be there for you.

My point is that I am excited to see all the marvelous things God can do with a little girl who knows how to love as much as you do. You made my day, and your dad thinks you are extraordinarily beautiful – inside and out.




There are those time when I really love leading.

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  1. Alan Hahn
    Alan Hahn09-04-2012

    Mark, great post!

    I was trading text messages with my 28-year old son last night about how much we enjoyed the day of golf – as we wrapped up our texting, he said – look forward to the next golf game and “love you dad.”

    So from one dad to another, I can tell you from experience that you, my friend have your priorities in the proper order.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia09-04-2012

      Thank you Alan and thanks for the visit! What did you shoot?

  2. janiese wesley
    janiese wesley08-31-2012

    Hey Mark,
    Of course, you know that I’m very partial toward fathers and daughters relationships. I love the letters your daughter and you exchanged. I remember a time when my father and I danced together at a banquet. It’s wonderful to make memories. Your daughter will remember your letter, and tell her children. What a wonderful legacy that you’re starting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia08-31-2012

      Hi Janiese – it was so awesome to find that little letter on my pillow. As a father, this is one that I will remember for a lifetime. I really hope my daughters have those special memories tucked away in their hearts as well. Thanks again for your encouragement its always nice to hear from you.

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