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Just Take the Pill – Podcast


“The ability to concentrate is good, but thinking too much about how you are doing what you are doing is disastrous. Trust your muscles and hit the ball in the hole. Keep it simple.” – Harvey Penick


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Anyone of us can become an Everyday Champion by swallowing one pill at a time and NOT taking the whole bottle.

  • People. A leader must have a general belief that, for the most part, people want the best when offering feedback or criticism.
  • Insist. Insist on clarification. Don’t stop the conversations short simply because it’s painful.
  • Listen.  Listen to your own heart on the matter. Trust your instinct.
  • Leave. Leave every coaching experience encouraged that you are now able to take more steps forward towards positive change in life.

Have you ever considered the idea of just taking the pill?  In what ways does this idea affect how you receive criticism?  


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