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It’s True: You Can…And Here’s How


Let’s face it. Our world is constantly changing. This means leaders are always being asked to evaluate the results of every action. We have moved into an era of big data. Data rules and gives us the needed guidance to make a proper assessment of our progress.

I like to think of the big splash.  You know, the ripples that happen when you throw a rock in a pond. Your action creates energy, energy builds momentum, and momentum turns into some kind of outcome. Often times, positive or negative outcomes depend on your focus.

So how do you make an enormously positive difference at work? I think it has to do with three simple actions that marketing leaders intuitively understand.

Now you can as well.

1.  Move rapidly but pay close attention to the results

Earn your reputation as one who isn’t afraid of taking action. Even when you don’t feel like you have all the answers, moving in a direction teaches you considerably more than being frozen – never willing to test new ideas.

When you start moving in a direction, learn everything you possibly can in a reasonable amount of time. Then review the information while making an informed decision.  One influencer in my life offered me this advice upon a big promotion; he said, “Thia,” (he always messed with my name) -make the best business decision possible and keep moving.”

Make the best possible decision you can.

If you have a vision for where you want to be – get going or you will certainly never get there. Too many times ideas fall flat because we over think and never harness the power of momentum.

At the same time, pay attention to the early results and don’t be afraid to change direction if the project is not working out. Keys to success are being entirely present on the project and relying heavily on what the data is telling you.

You will become an expert in no time.

2.  Eliminate obstacles that keep you from positive outcomes

When my friend started her Scentsy direct marketing business, she gave me a basic burner and a few wax discs. At the time, I wasn’t shopping for a wickless candle, but all of a sudden I owned one. The most amazing thing happened. I started experimenting with the different scents and…I was hooked. The obstacle was my lack of desire for a candle without a fire. The solution was…show me what I was missing. My friend didn’t let my negative beliefs discourage her from gaining a positive long-term outcome.

My friend eliminated my obstacles so that there would be plenty of room for positive outcomes.

3.  Connect don’t just communicate with everyone you can

Here is a little leadership secret I have learned as a professional marketer. People will buy from people they trust. We would all be better off if we spent time figuring out creative and honest ways to build credibility and trust. Once that happens then, even a boring email campaign will produce great results.

I’ve yet to meet a successful leader who doesn’t know how to connect deeply with people. This is done by being present in every conversation and caring about what is being said. Listen more than you talk and ask great questions. Notice little things and inquire, prod, explore – always looking for ways to improve someone else’s world.

Anyone can ignite a marketing campaign, but the great marketing leaders know that maximum result campaigns must come after trust is earned.

Don’t let the change all around you intimate you. Don’t be part of the fearful frozen who are brilliant but silent. Practice the three simple actions that marketing leaders understand until you get it. Then for good measures, teach someone you want to succeed to do the same.

That’s how you can make a difference at work…

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