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I Think We All Need a Pep Talk



Literally, I felt like taking a snooze. The problem was I was walking, talking and attempting to connect with people. Really? Can this be the total sum of my energy level? Apparently, yes – for today anyway.

I’m partially extinguished.

Lazily, I strolled into my office and plopped down behind my desk. I needed something special to get me going. I checked my creativity bank, and it was running low. My inspiration bank had a single note in it – it said, “I owe you.” How can I rescue the rest of my day?

I realize that some major-league inspiration is needed. I needed to witness the work of an artist. In these moments, I like to visit a great website… TED.com – I go there to listen to ideas worth sharing. – This site really gets me fired up.

Scanning the options I settled on, Kid President: I think we all need a pep talk.

Damn right I need a pep talk. Enthusiastically I clicked play and to my amazement – I received one of the greatest pep-talks of the year…of course – it’s only February.

Perhaps you’re a creative like me who has spent the last thirty minutes living like a walking zombie. Excuse the interruption but I think, Mr. President has a word for you. Enjoy.

Immediately I felt my blood flowing through my veins. I reminded myself that inside of me there is a “Space Jam Movie” waiting to be released on the world. “What will be your Space Jam?”

Reflecting on this pep talk I walked away a bit more energized and encouraged to face my day. I thought I would pass it on to you in case you find yourself strolling the deserted hallways of zombie high.

Here are my favorite points to ponder:

  • “The world needs to stop being boring.” I agree – myself included.
  • “You’re gooder than that.” – You really are – You’re the goodest.
  • “If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?” – You would think.
  • “You got a heartbeat that means it’s time to do something.” – Ouch.
  • “”If there are only two paths I want to be on the one that leads to awesome!” – I love this kid.
  • “We were made to be awesome.” – Yes we were.
  • “We can cry about it, or we can dance about it.” – Think I will dance.
  • “Not cool Robert Frost.” – Classic.
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  1. Kris

    Awesome, Mark! Good hook-uppercut combo right where I needed it.

  2. Dan Robb
    Dan Robb02-14-2013

    Mark thanks for the post. I needed that “pep talk.” My favorite line is ” You got a heartbeat that means it’s time to do something.” Hope you and your family are doing well. We miss seeing you. – Dan

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