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I Sold My Joy – $83.54


Spring is here and along with it new life. Besides the minor effects of allergies, the sniffles and constant red-eye syndrome, I love it. When you live in Nebraska, you get the privilege of experiencing all the seasons. The seasons seem almost prophetic – a touch of God’s hands on the earth.

Just this morning as I nestled in to explore the new edition of The Voice Bible I knew this was going to be a fantastic day. The Voice is a poetic and understandable rendering of God’s Word. My coffee, Pikes Place Roast, tasted amazing, and my wife – sitting across the room contemplating her own study, smiling – she is happy.

Life is Good.

I decided to take a morning jog. Something that never happens in the winter time. The air nipped with the sweet smell of blooming trees and freshly mowed grass. Awesome, I thought, as my mind raced while my out-of-conditioned-body groaned forward.

It was a fantastic morning I felt my spirit soaring as I jogged. I thought I would worship my run away – but soon I longed for music that was a bit more peppy. I picked some classic rock tunes – Tom Petty.

Life was Good and Loud.

The morning seemed to fly by as I drove myself to work. I felt alive feeling like nothing could stop me. Have you ever had a morning like this? I felt like perhaps this could be the Abundant Life Christ always talks about.

Work has its usual set of problems, but if it were not for those I would not be needed. Zoom – the day flew by quickly. It was lunch time, however, I had built-in plenty of margin to spend the afternoon hour writing this post.

However, this is when I made a mistake. I went to fill up my SUV with gas. I had to, there was no choice.


Something inside of me started to get extremely frustrated. At first, I blamed myself. Why do I insist on driving this gas guzzling hog of a truck? Then, not finding satisfaction I blamed the President of the United States. That didn’t help so I grumbled about all of our Government officials. Even Congressman Lee Terry who I quite enjoy. Fools, the lot of them! Things didn’t stop there as I continued to think about gas prices my anger grew. Oil Companies, Foreign Oil Criminals, Terrorist…I could keep the list going.

That’s when I noticed that my joy was only worth $83.54. I believe this because that was the price it took for me to give it up.

I sold my joy at the pump.

Life Sucked.

Then like a whisper from the fresh spring breeze the Lord reminded me of His love.  Clearly, God was not finished with my joy. I felt the urge to fight for it back on my own. Yet, I felt powerless over my frustration. I couldn’t do it. I gave up. I gave in. That was when God did it for me.

Images of my run flooded my mind. My dog Willow, the perfect running partner. (I affectionately call her jog-dog.) My family, friends and the blessing of the right job for me. A job that enables me to pay $83.54 to drive my truck for two weeks.

What am I whining about?

Like it began, it ended. I repurchased my joy. Not with money but with submission. Submission to the most loving and caring friend I have in this life…Jesus – and His perfect plan for me.

Life is Good…Again.

Just for the fun of it! Enjoy.

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  1. Dave Merkley
    Dave Merkley03-28-2012

    Mark, Good Stuff – Helps keep you focused on the right stuff. Otherwise one day it may go away and you’ll have missed it. Thanks.

  2. Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson03-27-2012

    Thanks Mark! Were you promising more or less chafing if I use the special underwear?

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia03-27-2012

      Ha! Dan for $30 at Dick’s Sporting Goods you too could have “less” chaffing. Great question thanks for asking. However, if your interested in “more” I am sure I have a few running tips on that as well.

      • Dan Jackson
        Dan Jackson03-28-2012

        Just jiving you! (remember that phrase). Actually I have some and love them.

  3. Kris G.
    Kris G.03-27-2012

    Great wisdom as always, Mark. Thanks for the joy, too!

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia03-27-2012

      Thanks Kris! It always seems like I find things out the hard way. 🙂

  4. Wanda Jackson
    Wanda Jackson03-27-2012

    I love the video! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is a great way to encourage us all to God for everything we need. We need joy, He provides the kind that nothing can take it away! It might be tested though! But, it remains!!

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia03-27-2012

      Yes…I need joy…we need joy! Thanks for enduring the video and reminding us that he provides the kind (of joy) that nothing can take away. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Eddy

    Good Word…if i think back i have had times when i have sold my joy for alot less and sometimes alot more…..But there shouldn’t be a price tag on my Joy at all!!!!

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