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Finding Purpose


For leaders, things are not the same as they used to be. Servant leaders in today’s fast paced environment must learn to rely on the voice of God in their life to keep grounded in faith.

It’s more complicated than we might have imagined. Just look at average servant leaders today. There seem to be two types of leaders who dominate the landscape of mainstream Christianity.

The first type is always busy, sprinting around, overly committed and involved in more religious activities than even Christ was as he prepared to rescue the world.

The second type simply gives up at some point. Realizing that they could not change the world through “running” they have decided to stop trying.

Society will typically reward the busy, productive types of leaders but, that doesn’t mean that God will. Obviously, God wants us to be productive in the things he has called us to. Understanding the “what” of our calling is essential for disciples of Jesus. It’s Important because we want to avoid becoming one of the two types of leaders mentioned above.

While God’s expectations are always achievable, our own expectations rarely are. God is sovereign, a fact we can rest in. We, however, have a long historical track record of over working and over thinking everything – Especially, our spiritual life. Finding purpose should mean “God’s” purpose for the individual, not the “individuals” purpose for life.

It’s hard to commit to walking with God when we are jogging away from Him.

While many people are equipped to handle the tough times by downsizing commitment and cutting activities, that’s not enough to complete the journey and find joy in purpose.

More than ever, in these end times, now is the time for Christian Leaders to rethink their callings and seek clarity of purpose.

4 Key Ingredients for Finding Purpose

1.  Start with the end in mind. This kind of vision is the catalyst for hope. So invest in hope. Spend time with God answering the question: “over the next several years who do I want to serve and why?”

You will be surprised with how much your purpose has to do with desire. Figuring out the place of investment in your life will free you to joyfully engage it.

I realized that to be a husband and dad was an area that God was challenging me to invest in. NOT what I thought it would be. His charge for my life is so simple – so utterly freeing. I felt God call me to take full responsibility for the future generations God has blessed me with and asked me to parent.

2.  Ask where are we now. Complete a realistic “health check” answering difficult questions like, “how am I currently doing?” Better yet, ask, “How am I doing now compared to where I want to be?”

I realized that to be a good dad meant I had to “turn down” the volume on certain activities that were good but distracting. This was difficult because everything I have invested in has been good.

Just not what God has called my family and me to become.

I learned quickly that time is my greatest asset in life. It’s the most limited resource I am forced to utilize.

3.  Study the Gap between where you want to be and where you are now.   Pray into the best “next steps” for you to take. Ask for feedback from friends and family and don’t be afraid of the truth.  As leaders we must confront the brutal facts. Then ask, “What will it take to move to the next level?”

4.  Create 3-5 God-Driven Goals to work on for the next year. Pray about things regularly and review your progress at least weekly. Write you goals down, talk about them, and do not be afraid to make adjustments. God is like that. Just when you think you have figured things out – a new day dawns like the coming of a new season.

It’s not enough for a servant leader to go with the flow. Sometimes, we are called to places of faith that seem unconventional. Check your motives and give yourself time to listen. God spoke the world into existence, and he will speak destiny over your life.  That is if you bother to really listen.  Nobody said leadership would be easy.

Question:  What would you add to this list to help others find purpose? 

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