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Fast, Sleek and Sexy


When I was a child, I played like a child.

At that point in my life, nothing brought me greater joy than my Big Wheel. Fast, sleek and sexy this man-powered machine was my first ticket to freedom.

I remember starting at the top of Benton Street where my parents house was located in Denver, Colorado and screaming down our street as fast as I could go.

Like clockwork or a peculiar kind of extrasensory perception, Billy was quick to respond. It never failed, he would jump on his Big Wheel and race up our street towards me for a celebrated game of chicken.

With gritted teeth and sheer force, we knew that this game of Big Wheel chicken was going to end in a big bang. I enjoyed it because I lived at the top of the hill. There was simply no way for him to contend with my momentum.  This fact alone, often translated into lopsided victories and complete obliteration.

It was fun.

The last time we faced off was a doozy. Same results CRASH and off we both went. (seat belts were optional)

It was a few moments later that Billy came up the street on the handlebars of his older brothers bike. I yelled, “where are you going Billy?” He responded in an impish tone, “to the hospital, I broke my leg.”

It was the crash that ended our tradition. I am, however, proud of Billy as he wore his cast like a king.

When I was a boy, I processed life a tad bit differently. There are, however, several leadership ideas to draw from this experience.

  • It’s OK to miss your Big Wheel. 
  • Let momentum work for you.
  • People like me need a life-plan.
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