Cultivating Your Talent, Passion & Purpose

Thinking About Hiring a Coach?  That’s a Good Idea, Here’s Why…


"If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach." - Denver Post
"Today's managers, professionals and entrepreneurs are hiring coaches to help them with time management, a change in career or balancing their work and personal lives." - Fortune Magazine

“As someone who has worked with Executive Coaches for well over a decade, Mark Mathia’s ability to ask the right question at the right time is almost unrivaled.  Mark very often disrupts my mindset and provokes me towards appropriate action. Working with Mark for almost a year has produced significant improvements in my personal life, self-leadership, and professional abilities .” – Jim Moorhead, Executive Pastor Central Baptist Church Round Rock, TX


The Truth About Success 

The truth about success is that it requires a lot of risk that can leave you feeling insecure. It’s common as you stretch towards your goals – others will try to slow you down. Many of the great achievers I have worked with all share a common feeling.  They tell me that often times they feel alone, discouraged and misunderstood. Most of them had friends who tended to push too little or too hard for them to reach their next goal.  Let’s face it your success is not your friend’s job…it’s yours.

That’s where I can make all the difference.


Because coaching offers you something your friends and co-workers can’t:

  • Focussed feedback and accountability as you find your true purpose in life
  • A deep understanding of talent identification and putting strengths to work
  • Certified through the John Maxwell Team and in (2017) Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • Thought provoking questions leading to clarity
  • Unbiased perspective on every pressing issue
  • Complete confidentiality

Experience Matters

With many years of executive level leadership experience, I have led others through a variety of seasons. (I also have the scars to prove it) I’ve been blessed enough to taste the thrill of the big win and survived lean times. I have found that in all things contentment, joy, and purpose can be found.

But, for me, it took a coach to show me how.

Paying it Forward

I look at coaching as a chance to pay it forward. To assist others, just like you, who are more than qualified but worn out and feeling alone perhaps lacking vision for the next season of your life. You see, for many years, my passion for coaching has helped other leaders obtain breakthrough performance in the business of life.

I specialize in the areas of talent identification through the Clifton Strengths Assessment. Using statistically relevant data I help you becoming the leader you are meant to be.  No only that, I will also help you create a personal or corporate brand vision/marketing strategy.  All this together will assist you in finding your unique purpose in life. I think of myself as a seasoned veteran of the business world who has experienced the thrills of entrepreneurial successes – and all the other stuff. Through it all, I’ve learned where to find strength staying focused on my personal mission to serve others.

“To honor God in everything I do, while helping others maximize talents while living freely and fully alive through the art of coaching.”

I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of people transform their lives through leadership, training, and one-on-one coaching, writing, and mentoring. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with everyone from senior c-suite leaders to call center supervisors…always working together to make a big-time difference in life.

But my work is not limited to those areas. I have a special desire for assisting non-profit leaders, pastors, speakers, small business owners, and any battle weary leader requiring a second chance.

The Maxwell Difference

I am a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. As such I offer access to many great leadership programs created by John himself that include: Lunch & Learns, Individual Coaching, and  Team Coaching. Through the Maxwell Team, I offer topics covering Leadership, Team-building, Personal Development, Small Business Strategies, and Change Management.


What is Coaching?

When we work together it is my number one objective to help you reach your purpose, clarify your vision for life, and help you to achieve your goals by working through powerful methods leading to accelerated growth and development.

Together we will align and understand your value system, creating a powerful and actionable growth plan. Our time together will help you to gain momentum by creating a vision worth living for and improving your daily habits. Everything you learn in our sessions is fully transferable with the intended effect of putting you in a position to pay it forward and become a coaching leader yourself.

Do You Have What it Takes? 

Time is a valuable commodity and as such I keep the number of personal coaching experiences limited to those who are willing to commit to the coaching process. I back each coaching experience up with a simple commitment to you…guaranteed results or you pay nothing…zero…nada… 

Don’t wait – because I can’t.

You have a choice to make…take the same old actions and get the same old results  -or schedule your first coaching call with me and get new improved results…click on the link below and send me a message.

I commit to being in touch within 48 hours. In the meantime, you can keep up with my thoughts on leadership and life by following me on Twitter and Facebook or by subscribing to my blog.