Branding That Shines…Copy That Sells

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Back in Highschool, I had a coach, Mr. Kruger. He was a nice enough guy. Taught history but mostly liked football. I can’t remember a time he missed a practice.   The team really looked up to him.

But for some reason, Kruger didn’t like me very much.

One day I had what I thought was a great practice. I did well in several different positions. I entered the locker room a hero in my own mind. However, when I said something to Coach Kruger, he shot me a strange look.

“You are a real Jack, Mr. Mathia, he said.

I knew better, but I asked anyway.

“What is a Jack?”

He smiled at me.

“A Jack of all positions…but an Ace at none.”

I didn’t like that much – still don’t. And the thought stuck all through school…even college.

So here’s why I’m telling you this.

It’s great to be helpful in a lot of places…but it’s better for everyone if you can be great at the one thing that you are most passionate about.

Here’s why…

Most significant accomplishments take a ton of focus.

What if:

  • Colonel Sanders focused on tacos, burgers, fries, and chicken? Probably average chicken.
  • Steve Jobs set out to build an automobile – and the best computer? Likely, average computers.
  • Walt Disney said, “it’s all about a cat, rabbit, pony, bird – and a mouse? Certainly, average. 

You see, I think brilliance is found in focus.


I mean, c’mon – who want’s to be excellent at being average?

Certainly not me.

Probably not you.

So what does this have to do with my copywriting services? Well, writing copy is what I do. That’s my Ace. If you are in need of a seasoned writer or marketing strategist, we should talk. Why? Because if writing persuasive copy isn’t your one thing than I can help.

It’s really not rocket science, is it?  Focus on your passion, and hire me to focus on how to communicate it.

How about a completely FREE marketing strategy session?

You’ll get:

  • Powerful coaching regarding your unique sales proposition.
  • An experienced look into your marketing strategy.
  • A one-page marketing plan (including copy suggestions.)
  • A complimentary review of current sales copy.

You risk nothing…except becoming an ACE of your organization.

You have a choice to make.  

As I see it, you can continue trying to do it all yourself…or, allow me to create compelling copy that sells beyond your wildest dreams.

You risk nothing as I offer a 100% “love my copy” or don’t pay a dime money back guarantee.