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Blue Sky Dreaming


In the midst of a change-filled season of life, I had a dream that positively impacted my mindset. It was a dream that came at just the right time pulling me out of a mental haze brought about by fears of impending changes.

Have you ever feared the inevitable changes of life’s seasons?

I usually write dreams off as late night pizza eating – but sometimes, they offer profound insights into life’s struggles. Many times I dream and don’t remember a thing – but sometimes (and I love the sometimes) they stick – as if Heaven is invading the earth.

The American Institute of Stress based in Fort Worth, Texas shared these comments related to the epidemic of stress from the 1980’s forward. “Time magazine’s June 6, 1983 cover story called stress “The Epidemic of the Eighties” and referred to it as our leading health problem; there can be little doubt that the situation has progressively worsened since then.” The article went on to say that the “erosion of family and religious values and ties” was a major contributor to increased stress levels in the home.

Personal experience has taught me that even when you have a seemingly healthy life balance including strong family and religious values you are NOT immune to damaging effects of stress. This is why, to me, a simple dream is such a miraculous event in my somewhat ordinary life.

Blue Sky Dreaming

In my dream, I was standing outside in an unfamiliar place when a horse-drawn wagon pulled up and a friend jumped out and invited me for a ride. Before jumping on the wagon he motioned for me to stop and had me look towards the sky asking, “Mark, what do you see?” I responded, in a slightly curious tone, “blue sky.”

A smile crossed his face and we boarded the wagon and proceeded to go for a ride. About 15 yards up the road an old narrow bridge waited for us to drive under. Underneath the bridge, you could hear the settling of old boards and smell the creosode-like scent of decades of rotting wood. I noticed how broken down and dark it was underneath. To me, it seemed dirty and ill repaired. I was anxious to get out even though it was a fascinating experience. 

We made our way through the underpass and out the other side. At this point, my friend motioned for the wagon to stop and asked me again, “Mark, what do you see?” Instinctively, I raised my gaze to the heavens and said, “blue sky.” “Good” my friend said, with the same cordial smile as before. He paused for effect and told me, “blue sky in – blue sky out.” 

Isn’t it fascinating to consider the idea that we are not alone? I don’t know if this dream was a significant message from above, however; I do know it spoke to my heart.  Somehow it told me that even during life’s significant changes – there is hope.  It’s surprising that sometimes our experiences in life are not unlike the hero’s we read about in the Bible. For me, it is innocent moments such as this that reminds me of why I am a person of faith. When my heart desperately needs encouragement…I can count on God.

“Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that a fiery sun was giving
light inside my heart.
It was fiery because I felt
warmth as from a hearth,
and sun because it gave light
and brought tears to my eyes.”

“Last night as I slept,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that it was God I had
here inside my heart.”

 — excerpt from, Last Night While I Was Sleeping by Antonio Machado —

Considering your struggles in life – has hope ever found you in a “Blue Sky” moment? (Please share your encouragement in the comment section below.) 

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  1. David

    Very encouraging dream Mark…definitely a God send!

    Many times I’ve been in a “Blue Sky” moment riding along with God…then upon looking ahead and seeing the dark bridge coming, I jump OUT of the wagon and start running the other way…only to find myself riding toward that same bridge with God again and again until I finally gather the courage to trust the Lord to take me through the darkness!!

    God is faithful though…and upon coming out the other side, we may even hope to hear Him say, “Blue sky in – BLUER sky out”!!

  2. Heather

    It’s also amazing to me that we’re involved in so many blue sky moments but when we’re under that bridge, for what seems like forever, it’s actually only a few seconds. Our times of stress, grief or despair are really only a fraction of life. Wait for the storm to pass….it always does.

  3. Eddy

    It is when we are tempted to stay under the bridge and believe what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears, in the darkness, that we block out what God is saying to us.

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