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A few weeks back I posted a book review about John Eldredge‘s new book titled, Beautiful Outlaw it “officially” released yesterday.  At that time I also announced my first contest at markmathia.com.

I absolutely loved this book!

Thank you to all who participated.  Matt, Kris (the Good News Family) and Jim your responses were terrific.  Here is the deal.  There is no way I could  just give a single copy away to some of the greatest people on the planet so Congrats to both of you.  Your FREE copies of Beautiful Outlaw are on their way.  

Please enter the url to a Vimeo video.

Here is my official review of the book on Amazon.com.


There is a complex simplicity that Beautiful Outlaw offers its readers. The character of Christ uncovered like I have never experienced before. Christ, the man without the slant of religion. Page by page this book unveils elements of Jesus never spoken of. John offers his readers gems of personality that reveals a powerful glimpse into the nature of God. Beautiful Outlaw captures not just the lost nature of Jesus but a new glimpse into his heart towards others. From the first page be prepared to encounter Christ and love him. Before you finish the book you will laugh, cry and play with the one person who literally changed everything.

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  1. TheGoodNewsFamily

    So kind of you, Mark, but not necessary. Reading your blog is reward enough.

    • Mark Mathia
      Mark Mathia10-13-2011

      That’s kind but its my absolute pleasure! I wish I could give more away it’s really good. Have a great day.

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