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6 Mile High!


It wasn’t that long ago that I got all tired out by walking around our neighborhood park. This makes today’s accomplishment all the better. I ran 6 miles!

Better than that – I accomplished it with my son.

Who would have thought that my journey would inspire the entire family to pursue life at a higher level. As my energy has picked up, so has theirs.

Another great reminder of how important the role of father really is.

Mile three came slowly. It was hot. Humid. Perhaps God gave us humidity so that old, large men like me would not pull anything while running. (Anything to look on the bright side.)

Mile Five fatigue set in. Water would be nice. My running hat had a steady stream of sweat flowing from the bill. Briley’s face was bright red, but his heart remained determined to keep pace. He had never, ever ran over three miles. “We can do this Dad” Briley encouraged me forward. “Yes we can Son.” I met his encouragement with enthusiasm.

The Mathia boys on a mission.

Mile six. We were too tuckered to celebrate. However, we high-fived, and each understood the sacrifice we just made.

I love you Son.
I love you Dad.

It was just one of those leadership mornings that meant a lot to me. Leadership is not just utilized in our labors. Nope, real leadership starts in the home and ends there. I believe God intended it to be that way.

What ever you are pursuing this week. Consider taking someone you love with you and go twice as far. What do you have to lose?

I met Ken Davis at the SCORRE Conference in Georgia. (I ran in the Georgia heat as well.) I thought his video was appropriate to our conversation.  Ken gets it – he is living Fully Alive!

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  1. Eddy

    I would have commented sooner but…Things are still moving!!!

  2. Dan I
    Dan I07-26-2012

    Good stuff! Wish I could have had those kind Of times w my dad! Cherish them as I know you do

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