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10 Indulgences That Produce Results


 Guilty pleasures get a bad wrap. When we think about the things that we love, often times our joy gets demolished by our overriding sense of responsibility. Frugality wins the day, and leaders who indulge in anything often feel that penance is required.

I am tired of feeling guilty about the things that help bring life. I have hobbies for a reason, but often times I forget about the practical nature of my hobbies. Yet, in all my mental wrangling I lose track of the stimulating power of fun.

“My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream.” – Sanya Richards-Ross

It’s my opinion, but I really do feel we all need some space and the freedom to treat ourselves to a few indulgences. Here are my top 10 Indulgences that have produced leadership fruit in my life. (I make no excuses.)

10 Indulgences That Produce Results

  1. Dining Out: Great food prepared by others is really an indulgence. As my children continue to grow up we have held our ground, and enjoy almost all our dinners together. It’s a special treat to go out. We talk, laugh and share food. Dining out together as a family produces family togetherness without dishes.
  2. Disney World: Disney is so stinking expensive; however, I have never gone to Disney Land or World without walking away inspired to be more creative. Unlike other amusement parks, Disney offers the young at heart a way to get swept away in a story. I do not know of one job on planet earth that couldn’t stand more creativity.
  3. Quality Bibles: I spend several hours a week reading the Bible. For many reasons, the Bible is my greatest sources of spiritual encouragement. I have found that I am much more apt to read my Bible when it’s a really nice one. Owning a quality Bible encourages my personal walk with God.
  4. Golfing: This one is a real struggle. I love the game of golf, but it cost a lot of money and time. However, there is a very practical nature to golf. Golf teaches some needed inner disciples like patients, control, and anger management. I’m not sure of any other sport on earth that requires a stronger mindset to perform well.
  5. Expensive running gear: I’m a runner now and there are a few things I have learned about the sport. First, as a big guy my joints take a pounding. That means that an investment in quality gear is a must for my long-term running habit. Second, when I purchase new quality running gear it makes me want to use it. When it comes to running I use every trick in the book to keep me on the road.
  6. Guns: I get that this indulgence is not politically correct. (Don’t worry mom, I’m always safe.) There is something about my Smith and Wesson that brings out my inner manliness. I love to go to the range and target practice with my son. Shooting my weapon offers a combination of thrill and respectful fear. Having spent many years being domesticated – target practice reconnects me with my inner warrior.
  7. Books: Normally, the books I read are about self-development, business and leadership. However, I love a great Steven Pressfield novel. Books take time, but reading allows for my mind to wander freely – without commercial interruptions. Reading offers me a lifeline to lifelong learning.
  8. Apple Computers: There is a lot of family debate over the best personal computing devices to own. All I can say is this, my Macbook Pro and all “Mac” products have allowed me to shape my creativity into something. The simplistic nature and seamless integration of my Macbook has allowed me the ability to become a more dynamic speaker, more creative marketer and a more vibrant social media hack.
  9. Time: Raising a family amidst a busy work schedule is hard. Often as a coach, I help others find an answer to how can one stretch time. The truth is that time is our most valuable resource so we must use it well. I have found that taking some time to think has been one of the greatest leadership disciplines I own.
  10. Education: At least twice a year I open up resources and invest by attending learning events. Whether it’s John Maxwell Team Trainings, The Dynamic Communicators Workshop or a John Eldredge Bootcamp I grow exponentially every time I stretch myself and participate. Group things aren’t natural for me. Believe it or not I am an introvert. However, the more stretch myself by attending quality events the more I enlarge my capacity and my personal network.

Alright, so now you know. I’m either justifying gluttony or offering a valid point. I suggest that these top 10 Indulgences add value to my leadership life. Not just my leadership life but they can add value to yours as well.

There is a sleeping giant of potential in every human, but only a few figure out the right combination of ways to tap their inner potential. I simply refuse to let guilt hold me back from experiencing life to the full.

Go for it name your favorite leadership “indulgence” in the comment section below.

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