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The Lost Art of Mastering


  Reflecting upon the successful people I admire most brings to mind those unique people who have achieved a high level of mastery. For some reason I am intrigued, and dare I say envious when I witness the kind of break-through that dents the universe for good. While I have learned to respect masters in action – I struggle with [...]

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21st Century Leader


After reviewing my copy of the Wall Street Journal I sit - amazed at the many organizational changes taking place. Companies have begun to consolidate at a fast pace and even banks, whom, at one point, were considered untouchable have had to make their peace with a new business partner – the United States Government. Change is necessary for a companies [...]

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Blue Sky Dreaming


In the midst of a change-filled season of life, I had a dream that positively impacted my mindset. It was a dream that came at just the right time pulling me out of a mental haze brought about by fears of impending changes. Have you ever feared the inevitable changes of life’s seasons? I usually write dreams off as late [...]

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