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Blue Sky Dreaming


In the midst of a change-filled season of life, I had a dream that positively impacted my mindset. It was a dream that came at just the right time pulling me out of a mental haze brought about by fears of impending changes. Have you ever feared the inevitable changes of life’s seasons? I usually write dreams off as late [...]

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The Time is Now


Besides voting the last time I got truly involved with politics was in 1976 on the playground of Parr Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. I was 9-years wise and the race for President had heated up. If you remember, the race was between, then President Gerald Ford and the Democratic hopeful Jimmy Carter. Without a care in the world for [...]

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You Are Glorious


Do you believe that you have something special to offer other people in life? You should believe it, but because our lives ebb and flow through cycles of progress and pain we tend to forget it. It’s easy to doubt potential in life when our reality is less than perfect.  Right? Understanding that you have great potential is important for [...]

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