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Three Easy Steps Towards Purpose


The sun peeked its tired eyes through the cloudy smoke like cover of early morning. Rising in the east, it’s rays were no less spectacular under the dense cloud cover. Peering into the gray-blue sky a thought crossed my mind as I reflected on my past week. Am I living my purpose? It’s a challenging question. After all, do I […]

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Are You a Wounded Leader?


Many people write about leadership as though it were easy. I don’t think there is anything easy about leading other people. People are complicated – yet simplistic, talented – yet flawed, difficult to understand – yet, at times, predictable. I don’t trust many people who say leadership is easy. A few short weeks ago I was preparing a lesson on […]

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Innovation, Inspiration and Spooning


Sunday is a time of holy reflection. But a few weeks ago my friend, Pastor Eric talked about inspiration point. To be fair, he asked if anyone in the audience knows anything about inspiration point. Of course, I did because I didn’t really start going to church until I was married. But, there’s no way I was going to say […]

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